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Helpful Tips for Self Storage

Most of the time, people don’t start thinking about additional storage until it becomes necessary. Most people just call the first storage facility near them and pay whatever the fees are without recognizing there are differences. Here at RFP Storage, we have courteous and professional staff always ready to explain your options and provide exceptional service. Below are some tips and suggestions to help organize your ideas, prioritize your needs, and get the best self storage unit for you.

Evaluate Your Storage Materials

To help you determine your storage size, gather your storage materials and determine how many boxes you will need. Many times items are already in boxes, but we recommend waterproof containers that have tops the seal shut or heavy duty cardboard boxes.

Create an Inventory List

Make sure to create an inventory list of all items and keep them in a safe place away from the storage unit. Identify which items you will need easy access to so they can be store in the front or in an easy access area.

Pland and Prep Your Storage Unit Space

Make sure to estimate the space you will need by measuring and planning ahead. Keep items off of the storage unit floor by using pallets or furniture pads to protect your storage items.

Self Storage Helpful Tips

Arrange Boxes for Convenience and Safety

Don’t overpack! When filling storage boxes, don’t make them too heavy (typically 25-30 lbs). Account for the extra space needed to provide ventilation and ease of access.

Think ahead so you can put items that need easy access are placed in the front of the storage unit or at least together in a good section.

Fragile items should be placed in sturdier boxes and don’t put them at the bottom of heavier items or boxes. Make sure to label these boxes with "Fragile" to help.

If you are storing business files or other items, make sure to leave a pathway to have easy access.

List contents on all four sides of the boxes and seal with a good quality packing tape.

Fragile Items

Make sure to wrap in cardboard large picture frames, glass or mirrors, then label them "FRAGILE". Also, stack them on end.

Other breakable items like china, crystal, porcelain, should also be wrapped in packing paper or bubble wrap before storing them. Mark the boxes with "FRAGILE", and don’t stack put them on top of heavier items.

Hazardous Materials and Perishable Items

These items are prohibited for storing: flammable, hazardous or combustible materials (paint, paint thinner, gasoline, propane. (call us if you are not sure)

Make sure to drain fuel from lawnmowers, snowblowers, trimmers, or any other equipment before storing them in your storage unit.

Other items that are prohibited from storing are perishable items such as food or even pet food. These can attract rodents and insects.

Use Extra Space inside Furniture Drawers

There is extra space inside furniture drawers which can be utilized to store smaller items and even fragile items if wrapped properly. Don’t forget to carefully wrap linens in acid free paper to prevent staining or deterioration.

Sofas, Chairs, and Love Seats

In order to save space, place Sofas and Love Seats on end but make sure they are not going to fall over. Wrap cushions in plastic furniture covers and place on top of the sofas. Cover everything with furniture covers or pads to prevent dust.

Make sure to not place heavy or sharp objects on upholstered or leather furniture. For furniture legs, wrap them with covers or pads to prevent damage. If you have broken down any furniture, make sure to keep all small parts in plastic bags and attach them to the item.


To save on space, break down tables if they will not be needed and remove the legs. Make sure to always cover with moving blankets or furniture covers to help prevent damage. Try not to use plastic to wrap wood items because it can leave a residue which causes permanent damage to the wood.

Appliances and Electronics

Make sure to put electronics like TVs to the back of the storage unit to prevent accidental damage and don’t stack them on top of boxes.

With large appliances you can use the inner space to pack blankets, towels, bedding, table linens, and clothing.

Beds and Mattresses

If you need to store mattresses, put them on their sides or prop them up so they stand strait to save on space, and it also prevents them from bending and getting out of shape.

If you have broken down any bed frames, be sure to keep all small parts in a plastic bag and attach it to the frame.

Utility and Gardening Items

When storing shovels, rakes, hoses, or other gardening tools, use clean, empty trash cans to keep them organized.

Metal Items

Any item you are storing made of metal such as tools, tables, or bicycles, make sure to wipe them with machine oil to prevent rust and corrosion.


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